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of the story book romance of tom cruise and wife unit 55-b katie holmes. what happened? their marriage had everything, fame, glamor, a publicist. how did it go wrong. katie what are you thinking. may i remind you tom is an ot7 at least. where else are you going to find a superfit 50-year-old who loves cooking, long wuntion the beach and uses the text to create new sps and create better realities. good luck finding one of those on j-date. girlfriend, you are walking into one nasty whole track overwhelm. and pardon my saying so but the satan inhabiting you isn't getting any younger. do you really want to confront the fourth dynamic engrandma loan? you know what, katie, i wouldn't be surprised if are you just doing all of this to get back at your old flame, dawson. classic joey move. folks, that's not the only shocker rocking the entertainment verse. because two weeks ago tv journalist and torso american anderson cooper dropped a bombshell. >> cooper ended years of speculation. >> the fact is, i'm gay. always have been, always will be. >> stephen: what? anderson cooper gay? i mean come on f t
it is difficult if not impossible to cope. horace holmes continues live coverage from silver spring. >> we have been out in the heat most of the day. it is brittle and training. for people who do not have a way to stay cool it can also be dangerous. they have been living in one room of their home since their air conditioner went out two days ago. >> it is a throwback to the 1950's and 1960's when people did not have air-conditioning. it was hot so you stayed in the basement. >> bad timing as a move into another heat wave. lots of people are having to live like the old days as home units are buckling under. >> i have replaced eight or nine of these in the last week or so. >> howard's house is fine, it is his car that is a hot box. >> mechanic shots have been swamped with cars with a broken air conditioners. >> we do not have time to work on other things. it is all air-conditioning. >> this record-breaking summer of heat is weighing on many of us, especially those who have to stay active outside. his packages are holding up under the sun better than he is. >> i have been pretty good. >> another d
1950s into the late '60s. kitty wells was 92 years old. and the actress celeste holm died sunday at her apartment in new york. she'd taken ill two weeks ago. holm first received critical acclaim in 1943, playing "ado annie" in the broadway musical "oklahoma!" in 1947, she won an oscar as best supporting actress in the film "gentleman's agreement." she was also nonimated for her portrayal of bette davis' best friend in "all about eve" in 1950. in later years, she had a variety of tv and theater roles. celeste holm was 95 years old. those are some of the day's major stories. now, back to jeff. fuss on television, news on-line, we look next at the shifting media landscape. >> the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in japan-- . >> reporter: millions of viewers watched the japanese tsunami and its aftermath on television in march of last year, but tens of millions more, nearly 100 million people in a week watched videos of the unfolding events on-line, on video sharing web site youtube. a report released today by the pew research center's project for excellence in journalism, captures th
it was in your city. katie holmes, it was so hot ... listen to this ... katie holmes was so hot that she was fanning herself with her money. >> it is hot in the northeast. >> not here though. delta service of more than sandwiches. >> california gets help in the cleanup from the debris from the tsunami in japan. cate caugurian is here with a look at your world. >> good morning. also other parts of the country are looking for relief from that heat. a new report says half of the united states is seeing a record level drought conditions. the worst since 1956. the drought expanded in the west and the great plains but the worst was the midwest where experts a dry conditions could mean a massive crop loss if rain does not hit the region soon. today five states are looking forward to getting extra cash to help tsunami clean up. the money is part of a grant from the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. california, oregon, washington, hawaii, and alaska will each get $50,000. alaskan state leaders say the money will not be enough for the job. they could see the funding as early as this
category this year. heather holmes sat down with the police chief and asked about a shift in strategy. the report shows how tough the last seven months have been. i spoke to the chief about the numbers and how he plans to bring them down. 2:30 this afternoon a man is shot and seriously wounded while driving at 35th and foothill in oakland. >> people are very, very brazen. >> reporter: 30 minutes later the chief was talking with us about dealing the up tick in crime and the bold criminal who have surprised him by striking any time of day >>> there just aren't as many police? >> i believe that does play a role in that. >> reporter: last week oakland saw one of its most violent week. seven people shot and killed in seven days. one of the victims a 15-year- old boy. >> i don't want people to panic but just trust that we know what we are doing and we have a plan. >> reporter: that includes reassigning officers, consolidating units and putting more pressure on those causing the problem. the crime problem here is daunting, not only are homicides up, assaults, rape, and robbery has also in
katie holmes. has she become an unwitting pawn in a public relations campaign. should the press back off? that's one thing to discuss with "today's" professionals. >>> later we'll show you what happened when president obama and the first lady ended up on the dreaded kiss cam not once but twice last night at an exhibition basketball game. yes, they finally did kiss. >> one of the most embarrassing moments you could ever have. let's begin with a story a lot of people are talking about this morning. the sewing needles found in u.s. flights from amsterdam resulted in at least one injury. correspondent pete williams has the latest on that. hi, pete. >> reporter: matt, hi. this is a strange and disturbing discovery. ordinary sewing needles like this one found in five turkey sandwiches on a delta flight sunday. fortunately no one was seriously hurt. all the flights were delta, amsterdam to thee u.s. cities, minneapolis, seattle, two to atlanta. four discovered by passengers, a fifth by a federal air marshall. only one was injured on the flight to minneapolis but declined medical treatment. anot
a friend, but celeste holme passed away. she was in the original production of "oklahoma." she played ado annie. i met her when i was 17 years old in mobile, alabama, at the america's junior miss pageant, the one i was kicked out of for talking to a boy? >> exactly. >> i didn't know the rules, see? i didn't know there was a noise ordinance. she was one of the judges and she was so lovely. people are remembered for their great accomplishments in their field, but i remember her for being a lovely, lovely woman who was as gracious as she could have been to every high school senior. there were 50 of us down there. >> a new study confirms women are smarter than men. >> jerry, sorry. >> i.q. expert james flynn -- >> a man. >> looked at i.q. tests from around the world and realized women scored higher than men did across the board. we kept saying, what's the point of this story? we already know this. >> part is because we have been raising wimps. men. i do, for a couple of generations now. ever since the greatest generation which was the world war ii, we have coddled and spoiled and wiped our bo
is heading to one of manhattan's top schools come september. did we expect anything less? katie holmes enrolled her he convent of the sacred heart. the split reportedly had to do with what school they would go to and the religion. >>> it's not every day you get to go one-on-one with an olympic medalist. but holly morris is getting tips from one of the greatest in the game. >> she joins us live on the wharf. the owners and coaches are there. who else is there? >> reporter: do you know what else i have that you would like? >> what? >> reporter: bling. there are the two championship rings. they've been around five years. this is the first one they won i believe in 2009. this is the one they won last year. it's got 16 rubies in the season for their 16-0 season. they belong to the owner. good to see you, sir. >> great to be back. >> reporter: i have to give them back? >> you can borrow them. >> reporter: for the next four minutes. it is amazing to me how much you made an impact in the world of world team tennis in a short amount of time. >> thanks. it's been a great team effort. it's really
with apartments, shops, businesses. but everyone was able to make it out in time. >>> and katie holmes and her daughter, suri, escaped injury after their mercedes was sideswiped by a trash truck. both are okay. >>> and finally, we know the president loves to play basketball. but he is showing the world he's got a little game off the court, as well. take a look. the first family taking in a team usa basketball game last night, when the kiss cam zooms in. president obama bows out, choosing to forgo a public display, and thus drawing boos from the crowd. but, the kiss cam gave him a second chance. and wouldn't you know it? the president puckered up. oh, young nationally televised love. >> look at malia. >> malia's like, get me out of here. this is so embarrassing. would you guys stop that? you're on camera. yeah, it's good stuff. >>> we're going to get to the president's opponent right now. "your voice, your vote." mitt romney's next major move to shake up the presidential race. he's focusing on his choice of a running mate with auditions nearly every day. abc's jon karl is tracking the tryouts.
too cruise and katie holmes.. - she was confidinn in a prettyy pnlikely source.. hissex wife. katie leaned on nicole tt hell build up thh ourage to lleve... you thinkkthey'd eb kidman.. said she knew exactly - what kktte was going through.. the tww allegedly had a secrett friendship for years... and started talking when nicole would call for the kids...the rest is history... kidmann won't say nythign bad about &pper breakup with tom... just that she's had happy eeding and has no regrets... the honeymoon has been over for rrssell brand aad laty &pyesterday...so is the marriage. the couple's diiorce was finalized &pmonnay... they married in last december... theyve had all kknds of issues.. hh wanted kids she didn't... she summed up their split ith a dream, but the reality is s - not like the movies. well normally theewoman is the one who goes nuts after a divorce... cuts their hair.. pyes it... we spotttddrusselll expressing his sorrow through his clottes. which of courselanded him as this weeks' celbrity fashionnfaux pas... he was actually hhaded might really be the cause of t
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)

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